Extreme Protection for our Extreme Times

Our Most Advanced Antioxidant Protection Formula

We live in a world today in which we face numerous environmental stressors and challenges that we need to address to stay healthy and to reduce the effects of premature aging. One of those stressors are fighting the effects of free radical damage at the cellular level.

These free radicals in desperate search of stability, tear electrons away from healthy cells, which is believed to cause damage at the cellular level and lead to cellular damage and premature aging.

In addition, environmental stressors in both the outdoor and even the indoor air we breathe; the water we drink; and from the man-made chemicals on the foods we eat; are all toxins which also release free radicals. Even the relatively ‘good oxygen’ we breathe creates even more free radicals and cause oxidative stress.

Thankfully our body is constantly trying to repair and renew itself by replacing old cells with new cells. Our body is desperate for all the support we can provide to help stabilize and prevent these free-radical intruders from deteriorating the trillions of living cells that make up our mind and body.  

Fortris 10™ was developed as an antioxidant complex for our times by Dr. Chris Meletis, who is highly regarded as one of the world’s leading authorities on natural health and wellness through optimum nutrition and prevention. Fortis10 contains ten antioxidants.

Do all you can to help protect your body from the devastating effects of stress and environmental stressors, by deploying the added support of the Fortris 10 Antioxidant.


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Fortris 10 is Formulated by Dr. Chris Meletis and Made in the USA in a Pharmaceutical-Grade Facility